Mahalakshmi Vrat

There was a king who ruled there. His name was Bhadrashrava. He was brave, compassionate, and wise. He possessed knowledge of the four Vedas, six Shastras, and eighteen Puranas. The name of such a king's queen was Suratchandrika.



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Mahalakshmi Vrat

May the grace of Goddess Lakshmi always remain upon us, may she continuously reside in our homes, and may she bring wealth, peace, and contentment into our households; therefore, we observe the fast of Goddess Mahalakshmi. Observing this fast fulfills all desires of the heart.

Goddess Mahalakshmi is known by many names and forms. She is known by names such as Parvati, Sindhu Kanya, Mahalakshmi, Lakshmi, Rajalakshmi, Grihalakshmi, Savitri, Radhika, Raseshwari, Chandra, Girija, Padma, Malati, Sushila, and others. It is said that humans should meditate upon this all-pervasive Goddess Mahalakshmi. This story dates back to the Dwapara Yuga and happened in the Saurashtra region of our country, India.

There was a king who ruled there. His name was Bhadrashrava. He was brave, compassionate, and wise. He possessed knowledge of the four Vedas, six Shastras, and eighteen Puranas. The name of such a king's queen was Suratchandrika. The queen was beautiful, full of grace, and devoted to her husband. They had eight children together. After their seven sons, a daughter was born to them. The king and queen named their daughter Shambhala. Once, it occurred to the Goddess that she should reside in the palace of the king. That would please the king more, and he would provide more happiness to his subjects. If she was left alone with the poor, she would enjoy all the wealth by herself. So, assuming the form of an old woman, wearing torn clothes and carrying a stick for support, she arrived at the gate of the queen's palace. Seeing her, a maid came forward. She asked the old lady, 'Who are you? Where have you come from? What work did you do? What is your name? What is your village? What do you want?' The woman who had assumed the form of an old lady said, 'My name is Kamalabai. I live in Dwarka. I have come to meet your queen. Where is she?' The maid said, 'The queen is in the palace. If I tell her about you, she will get angry. How will they meet you? If they see your appearance, they will drive you away. You wait here for a while.' The old lady got angry. She said with anger, 'Your queen in her past life was a prostitute's wife. She was very poor. Due to this, there were always quarrels. Her husband used to beat her. One day, fed up with this trouble, she left her home and started wandering. She was dying of hunger in the forest. I felt pity for her. I told her about the Mahalakshmi Vrat that brings prosperity, happiness, and wealth. Accordingly, she observed the fast. Mahalakshmi was pleased with her fast. Her poverty was gone. Her house was filled with wealth. Prosperity came. Her life was filled with happiness. After death, by observing the Lakshmi Vrat, she and her husband became a couple and started living in the world of Lakshmi. In this life, they were born into a royal family. By the grace of the Goddess, she now sits on the throne.' Hearing the old lady's words, the maid became curious. She gave water to the old lady, paid her respects, and said, 'Will you tell me about that fast? I will observe that fast. I won't abandon milk, I won't drink; I won't eat fat.'

The old lady explained to the maid about the Lakshmi Vrat. Then she got up to leave, but suddenly, the queen came out of the palace. Seeing the old lady in torn clothes, she became angry and said loudly, 'Who are you? Begone from here!' She moved forward and dismissed the old lady. The queen did not know that the old lady was indeed Mahalakshmi. Seeing the queen's kindness, Mahalakshmi decided not to stay there. As the old lady was about to leave the palace, a girl came running out. She was Princess Shambhala. She came and paid respects to the old lady and said humbly, 'Grandma, don't be angry. My mother is wrong. Forgive her. I bow at your feet.' Hearing the words of the princess, Mahalakshmi felt compassion for her. She gave information to Shambhala about the Lakshmi Vrat. It was the first Thursday of the Margashirsha month that day.

Then the maid observed the Lakshmi Vrat. Her condition improved. She left her job as a maid and started living happily in the world. Princess Shambhala also observed the Lakshmi Vrat with devotion as instructed. It was performed on the last Thursday. Shambhala's marriage was soon arranged with a prince named Siddheshwar. She attained royal grandeur. Due to the effect of the Lakshmi Vrat, her life became happy and content. But on the other hand, Bhadrashrava and Queen Chandrika started seeing bad days slowly. Their kingdom declined. All their wealth and prosperity diminished. Chandrika was a queen; the situation had changed now. Even food and drink became expensive. Bhadrashrava was very sad, but what could he do? He was growing with worry every day, drowning in it.

One day, Bhadrashrava felt that he should go to that girl, see her, and stay with her for four to eight days. That's how he came to his son-in-law's kingdom. He was very tired of the journey, so he sat by the bank of a river to rest for a while. The maid of the queen was coming towards the river. She recognized Bhadrashrava. The maid ran towards the palace. She told the king the news. Queen Chandrika was informed. She also understood it. Chandrika and Maladhar sent a chariot and brought Bhadrashrava to the palace with great honor and welcomed him. Bhadrashrava stayed in the palace for a few days, honoring his son-in-law and daughter. Now, thoughts of returning began to arise in his mind. He expressed this to his son-in-law. The son-in-law agreed.

As Bhadrashrava began to leave, Shambhala paid for a hand and gave the money to her father. Carrying the money, Bhadrashrava returned home. Surat Chandrika's happiness reached the seventh sky when she heard that the girl's side had given a lot of money in dowry. She quickly removed the lid of the pot. If you look inside, what will happen? There was no money in the hand. There was only coal! Mahalakshmi.

महालक्ष्मीची ही कथा, कहाणी गुरुवारची सुफळ संपूर्ण ॥

ॐ महालक्ष्मी नमः । ॐ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः ।